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Momo Scientific Water Technology

Momo Scientific Water Technology is active and expert in the business of water treatment for more than five years. Today we are doing apply our experience very sincerely in this field. We are doing recharge in every sector of water treatment and especially environment water pollution removal water treatment technology like ETP, STP.

Momo Scientific Water Technology is established by water treatment professionals experience and active lab practice for every side of water treatment. We are giving practical and proper solution for all types of water plan design and treatment media solution through quality lab test result. We are totally difference in water treatment platform for our quality and expert technical hand into Reverse Osmosis System (RO System), demineralization, industrial water purification, and Water Filtration Systems, Electro-Deionization System, Water Softer, and Boiler Water Treatment services in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Momo Scientific Water Technology is incorporate state-of-the-art products and technology into every system to ensure quality standards, performance and reliability with its technological innovation. We are giving strong quick technical support by our expert team member and we believe our valuable customer will connect as chain customer with us in life time. To provide quick technical support for customer we are giving proper train to our technical team in every side servicing of water treatment plant. We are set industry standards for providing total water treatment solutions. We are doing work for purifying water to ensure safe drinking water for homes and communities. To meet quality requirements for any process industries, Industrial waste water treatment by removing the pollutants, Recycling and recovering water and valuables products for reuse, Reducing waste and pollution, protecting the environment by developing the products that incorporate “Recycle & Reuse” strategies, and products that use fewer chemicals.

Our Mission

The mission of Momo Scientific Water Technology is to manufacture standard Domestic RO, Commercial RO and provide all types of Water Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Equipments, and Water Treatment Chemicals adhering to the strict manufacturing standards, offering latest technologies, timely delivery and reasonable cost giving maximum value to our customers.

Why Momo Scientific Water Technology?

Best Quality Components and Sound Design Support:

All components of plants water treatment systems are designed from world class manufacturers and industry leaders in their respective fields. We committed with our clients to provide guaranteeing a very high standard of quality and reliability.

Design all its system to achieve an optimum price/ performance ratio. This applies not only to the investment in the system, but also to its use, carefully thought our design, ensures that operating costs are kept to a minimum. The design process, which is supported by CAD program, results in compact systems, in which both installation and maintenance are kept simple. All components are easily accessible for inspection and maintenance.